Java fullstack Developer

Location: San Jose CA
Employment Type: Contract

Skills Description

Expert knowledge of Java and object oriented design patterns.

Expert knowledge of Dependency Injection. Experience with Spring, EJB3 or Guice is a must. Experience with Guice is preferred.

Experience with Oracle or MySQL and writing SQLs.

Experience in Angular JS or similar Javascript frameworks

Expert knowledge of junit, Mockito or other unit testing best practices.

4+ years of experience developing and deploying applications on Unix/Linux environments

Experience with ORM such as Hibernate ORM

Experience with Web development OR REST/ SOAP web services development and design priniciples

Experience with source control and build technology (e.g. Ant, Maven), 4+ years of experience

Experience developing on Google AppEngine and CloudSQL. Knowledge in ETL / Pentaho / Android is a plus

Soft Skills Strong oral and writing skills characterized by the ability to communicate technical and non-technical information thoroughly and clearly to a range of reading and comprehension skill levels.

Education Bachelors (BS in Computer Science) or Similar

Candidate General Information Relevant years of experience for this role


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